And I’m off again…..

After a great few weeks catching up with friends and family in the USA and UK, I am heading off on my travels again.  Over the next five months I will be splitting my time between Asia and South America and meeting up with some of my friends along the way.  I can’t wait!!!

Arriving into Myanmar on Thursday morning, a couple of things hit me. First of all, I disembarked from the plane at just before 5am on 29th January but my body was telling me that I shouldn’t have gone to bed yet and that it was still 28th January (don’t you just love jet lag?) and, secondly, it was pretty flippin’ hot even though it was still early.

When driving into the city of Yangon, my taxi driver entertained me by telling me which sights he thought I should check out and he gave me a great insight into the way that the Burmese tend to live.  He told me that people get up at about four in the morning and tend to go to bed early.  When driving into the city centre we passed by a lake where a full on aerobics class was taking place, he told me that it had just started – it was 5.45am….    He also told me that he had studied law at university for five years before doing a second degree in mechanical engineering but he was unable to find a job other than driving a taxi.  He is optimistic that, at some point, he will be able to use his education but, until then, he will continue to drive a taxi for a living.

I arrived at my hostel in the early hours of the morning and, fortunately, a bed was available for me to collapse into.  The hostel had a pod structure so I had a bed in a small pod, with a locker underneath it and shared facilities.

 IMG_1714 IMG_1715

It was really clean, the staff were lovely and it was pretty much as central as I could have wanted so all good.

I have been in Yangon for a couple of days and, during that time, I have explored the city centre and enjoyed the food (with a highlight being a menu which had a picture of Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana on it – go figure).


After sunset on one of the days, I went to see Sule Paya, a golden temple in the middle of a roundabout which is where all distances in Myanmar are measured from.  I have a feeling that this will be first of a few temples that I will be seeing during my time in South East Asia.  The plan is to deal with it in moderation; I think that you can definitely get too much of a good thing!

IMG_1726 IMG_1724

Yesterday, I took a three hour circular train trip which took me out into the areas surrounding Yangon which was pretty amazing.  Lots of people came onto the trains to sell their goods and others got on in the countryside with products that they were clearly off to sell in the markets.  It was all slightly chaotic and a lot of fun.

  IMG_4024 IMG_4025  IMG_4027  IMG_4037 IMG_4039IMG_4029IMG_4015IMG_4026IMG_4007

I have been taking it easy because the jet lag hit me pretty hard but I am feeling a lot more human today which is good because, later on, I will be meeting my fellow tour group members for the start of our 12 day tour.  I have never done a tour whilst travelling and am slightly apprehensive about how I will find it but I guess that it’s a case of only time will tell.

It’s great to be back on the road and I am pleased that I gave myself a couple of days to acclimatise before I join the group. Who knows what it’s going to be like? Watch this space for updates…..

More Yangon photos can be seen here.


4 thoughts on “And I’m off again…..

  1. Hi Sarah lovely to spend time with you last week and am sure you will have an interesting and enjoyable time on the next stage of your trip. Keep sending your bloggs as always like to hear of your travels and experiences. luv hx

    ps. could not find the scarf

  2. Hi Sarah – sorry that we never managed to link up before you started your Burma Tour but glad that you had those few days to recover from your jet lag. Enjoy the start of this part of your ‘Grand Tour’ and keep the Blogs coming. With love from Mum xxx

  3. Happy New Year Sarah 2015 — sounds like a really exciting tour ahead, will be interesting to hear your escapades. –Enjoy. Love Jane x

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